Do you want to create a transformative travel experience?

If you’re struggling to incorporate, design, or facilitate the personal development and community-building aspects of a powerful travel experience that resonates for a lifetime, I’ll help you save valuable time and energy so you can focus on travel organization and logistics.

Together, we’ll create a customized experience that encourages and empowers the traveler to dig deep into self-discovery and develop self-awareness, connect with others in an intimate and meaningful way, and engage with cultural communities respectfully and responsibly.


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As an international consultant and facilitator, I help schools, organizations, businesses, and individuals create intentional, transformative travel experiences.

I believe responsible global engagement begins with the purposeful pursuit of self-discovery and self-awareness. The goal of my work is to create a safe space where individuals can explore their inner world while also cultivating and developing meaningful connections with others.

With a background in sociology and cultural anthropology, I’m an award-winning intercultural educator with 10+ years of experience in education, leadership development, community building, curriculum development, program design, and facilitation in nearly a dozen countries around the world.

why is this work important?

Travel is not an inherently transformational or life-changing experience. Many people visit dozens of countries and remain largely unchanged by the experience, both in terms of personal growth and in terms of global perspective. We’re most changed by the intentional choices we make around why and how we choose to travel.

For travel to be transformational, we must be:

  • eager to explore and curious to learn

  • willing to venture beyond our comfort zone

  • mindful of what we choose to see and do, and how we interact with others

  • intentional in forming relationships

  • purposeful in setting aside time to reflect

  • committed to applying insights and lessons learned to other areas of our lives

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how I can add value to your travel experience

I help purpose-driven schools, organizations, businesses, and individuals infuse travel with intention so they can create transformative experiences that encourage self-discovery and self-awareness, meaningful human connection, and respect for local cultures and people.

Please select the service that best fits your unique needs:

Lena is an amazing facilitator! I first met Lena when she was serving as the lead instructor for a course that prepared students, faculty and staff for cultural immersion in an international community. What I really appreciated was how intentional she was in creating an individual experience based on where each person was in their own self-journey and personal development. She was able to help the group build relationships and identify their commonalities while also helping them to acknowledge and appreciate their differences. Her ability to build rapport and move quickly beyond the surface is what helps to create opportunities for truly transformative self-discovery. If you are looking for someone who is authentic and loves working with groups to build community, look no further than Lena Papadopoulos!
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Dr. Brandon Bowden Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, Florida State University

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