global change begins within.

In today’s interconnected world, encountering diversity is inevitable.

When confronted with cultural difference, we have two choices.

We can cling to our own world views, reinforcing social and cultural divides.

This leads to misunderstanding, conflict, and pain.

Or, we can open our minds and hearts to other perspectives.

Celebrating diversity and embracing difference allows us to:

>>Uncover our most authentic self and embody our unique potential<<

>>Cultivate intimate, unarmored, and empathetic connections<<

>>Build bridges toward a more inclusive, equitable, and just global community<<

The choices we make shape the world we create.

Hi! My name is Lena papadopoulos

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I’m an award-winning intercultural educator, consultant, and facilitator.

I believe a whole, healed, and just world is possible when we practice intentional self-reflection and cultivate inclusive communities that build bridges toward understanding and acceptance.

With 12 years experience in international education, leadership development, community building, program design, and facilitation in nearly a dozen countries, I’m committed to educating mind, heart, and soul.

I have a B.A. in Sociology from Clemson University and an M.A. in Cultural Anthropology with a certificate in International Development Studies from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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I work with schools, organizations, businesses, and individuals to create transformative intercultural learning experiences that facilitate powerful personal growth, unarmored human connection, and the development of effective cross-cultural skills

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Lena is an amazing facilitator! I first met Lena when she was serving as the lead instructor for a course that prepared students, faculty and staff for cultural immersion in an international community. What I really appreciated was how intentional she was in creating an individual experience based on where each person was in their own self-journey and personal development. She was able to help the group build relationships and identify their commonalities while also helping them to acknowledge and appreciate their differences. Her ability to build rapport and move quickly beyond the surface is what helps to create opportunities for truly transformative self-discovery. If you are looking for someone who is authentic and loves working with groups to build community, look no further than Lena Papadopoulos!

Dr. Brandon Bowden, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, Florida State University

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