Workshops and retreats are customized experiences, intentionally designed and facilitated according to your unique goals and objectives.


These transformative experiences provide high impact learning, personal growth, community building, and skills development for:

  • School administrators, educators, or student groups

  • Purpose-driven organizations, non-profits, and NGOs

  • International, multicultural, or remote businesses and teams

  • Travel program providers or their program participants

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  • Self-Discovery & Personal Development

  • Personal Leadership Styles

  • Community Building (Inclusivity, Group Dynamics, Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, etc.)

  • Core Values and Visioning

  • Goal-Setting and Action-Planning

  • Intercultural Communication

  • Volunteering Abroad Responsibly

  • Facilitator Training

  • + More — each experience is tailored to your specific goals and needs


Workshops are intended to support your group or team in developing greater self-awareness and cultural understanding while developing the skills necessary to build a more inclusive community.

DURATION: Half-day, 1-day, or 2-day

INVESTMENT: Starting at $1500 USD; Varies depending on duration, group size, etc.


Retreats are intimate, intentional experiences ideal for groups or teams who need to disconnect from daily stressors in order to reconnect and realign with both themselves and each other.

DURATION: 2 or more days

INVESTMENT: Starting at $4500 USD; Varies depending on duration, group size, etc.


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All workshop and retreat investments include:

  • Consultation and an in-depth needs assessment to ensure I meet your goals and objectives

  • Pre-program survey of participants to uncover underlying issues and challenges that may be present

  • Experience design and facilitation

  • Post-program evaluation

*Custom packages for supplemental intercultural inclusiveness coaching can be included at an additional cost

I was a participant of several retreats facilitated by Lena during my time as a college student. These retreats were for student groups with varying purposes and makeups. Lena would initially meet with the leadership team of a group she was working with to understand specific needs of the students and desired goals for the retreat. She would then adapt, with great attention to detail, the retreat based on the input she received. The level of intention and planning Lena put in always made me feel confident in her process. Each time I was a participant, I experienced moments of personal growth and connection to my peers. At conclusion, I would leave knowing something new about myself and feeling more prepared to work through complex situations with my group. Lena’s retreats have lasting impacts; the shared experience and skills learned helped the groups I was part of tremendously in the long-term. Lena is uniquely capable of creating space for understanding one another and challenging us to become the best versions of ourselves. By facilitating a comfortable environment to get uncomfortable, her retreats provide the perfect opportunity for vulnerability and deep reflection. In my own experience, Lena’s retreats opened the door to many positive changes within my student groups. I am grateful to have been a participant on more than one occasion in college. I would absolutely recommend working with Lena, as you cannot find someone more compassionate, thoughtful, and professional.

Monique Costner, former Director of a student-run non-profit organization