You’re a school, organization, or business offering an existing travel-based experience, or you’re developing a brand new one…

Whether you’ve been at this a while or you’re just getting started, I can help you infuse your travel program with the intentionality necessary to create a transformative travel experience your participants will love and refer their friends to.

We’ll lay out your program’s goals and objectives, evaluate what you’re doing to meet them, and outline what else could be done to move beyond the experiential and into the transformative.

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Lena’s beautiful character paired with her extensive experience working with diverse groups makes her uniquely qualified to design and deliver meaningful programming. Through masterful planning and creative delivery, Lena guides participants through a process of discovery and transformation that has long-lasting effects on individuals and their organizations. I have witnessed groups consistently refer to Lena’s programming as a gift to their organization because her facilitation left participants with a deep sense of community and more defined direction, something that is essential for an organization’s sustained success. Her approach is innovative and incredibly intentional, creating a safe atmosphere of acceptance and genuine respect. She is deeply committed to helping others build connection at a time when the world needs it most.

Jesse Smith-Appelson, former assistant for intercultural programming