Developing the ability to effectively engage across cultures will enable you to: better understand yourself and what has shaped you, become more aware of how your attitudes and behaviors affect those around you, and build relationships based on trust, respect, and acceptance.

This can benefit you in all aspects of your life, every single day, no matter where you are.


  • School administrators, educators, students

  • Managers or employees of diverse teams

  • Individuals going to study, volunteer, or work abroad

  • Digital nomads and expats

  • Anyone who desires to build a more inclusive world

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A river and mountain with palm trees


  • Develop a deeper awareness of your personal strengths, weaknesses, attitudes, and behaviors, as well as how they impact others

  • Learn about ideas, values, norms, experiences, and behaviors that are different from your own

  • Interact more effectively and respectfully with people who do not share your beliefs, customs, values, and attitudes.

  • Cultivate and build meaningful relationships with people who have different life experiences

  • Assume the best about people and limit your tendencies to judge or stereotype difference

  • Strengthen your ability to cope with and recover from challenging emotional experiences


one time consultation


  • Access to the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale pre-assessment

    • An online assessment to evaluate your intercultural competency

  • 1 60-minute consultation to discuss your results and create a detailed, action-oriented personal development plan to help you improve in weaker areas





  • Access to the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale pre- and post- assessments

    • An initial assessment (online) to evaluate your intercultural competency

    • A follow-up assessment at the end of 3 months that will measure your progress

  • 1 initial 60-minute consultation to discuss your initial results and create a detailed, action-oriented personal development plan to help you improve in weaker areas

  • Bi-weekly, 45-minute consultations to check-in on your goals and work through your challenges

  • 1 final 60-minute consultation to review your post-assessment results and reflect on your overall learning and growth

  • A copy of my cultural identity workbook, “Discovering the Cultural Self: Uncovering How Culture Shapes Our Identities, Values, and Stories”

INVESTMENT: $795 USD Paid-in-Full

Or 3 monthly payments of $275 USD



Includes same benefits of the 3-month coaching package PLUS unlimited access to me via email between coaching calls


$1750 USD Paid-in-Full

Or 6 monthly payments of $310 USD


*Intercultural Inclusiveness coaching is also available for groups. Please contact me for details.

Lena is one of the most thoughtful, compassionate, and insightful people I know. She is attuned to what connects us all; her deep sense of empathy transcends nationality, gender, and identity. This gives her the ability to facilitate interpersonal dialogue and bring self-awareness to our own roadblocks that keep us from seeing, understanding, and connecting to our universal humanity. Developing these skills was the focus of my first solo trip. Lena helped me shape my experience into more than pretty pictures or stamps in my passport — we selected cities where I could intentionally connect with others and pursue experiences in line with the goals we’d identified. She supported me in addressing the barriers that kept me from truthfully engaging with new people and places and empowered me to have the courage to continue my independent travel since.

Alegra Padrón, cultural immersion program participant